Enter a Activation Code

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Activate Roku with Roku Link Code - enter roku activation code to activate roku streaming device at Roku official website. You just need Roku account and Roku activation code to complete the activation process for Roku. If you face any issues, contact support team.

Steps to activate Roku with Roku activation code and

Linking roku account is simple process, still you may need some technical guidance to complete Roku activation process. Follow the steps given here to activate roku without any problems

  1. Unbox Roku and follow the quick start guide steps to setup Roku easily. Connect roku device to Tv setup using HDMI cables.
  2. Now Powerup Roku device and setup Roku. Select your language
  3. Now you connect to Internet. You can connect using:
    • Wired connection
    • Wireless internet connection(wi-Fi)
  4. Roku will download new software and once Roku is updated, it will show an activation code for Roku
    • Note down the code carefully as it is required to activate Roku
    • Roku link code looks like: "X96TR"
  5. Open your favourite internet browser in mobile or laptop
  6. Enter Roku activation code
  7. Sign in to Roku account and if you are a new user then create a new account
    • After sign in to Roku account, select Roku Pin preference
    • Complete and submit your payment information
    • style="margin-bottom:10px;"You can use credit card or Paypal account for Roku payments
  8. Add the channels to your account and enjoy "Happy Streaming"

How to manage Roku device?

  1. Visit in your web browser and sign in to Roku account
    • You you will get option "Manage Your Devices" or "Activate your device"
  2. Click on Manage your devices
    • you can deactivate every device which is connected. click on remove icon which device you want to remove.
    • You will then be logged out of all gadgets that you have expelled from your account page.